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Astroworld Tragedy

On Friday, November 5th, thousands of people left home to attend the infamous concert “Astroworld” headlined by Travis Scott, and many of them did not make it home. Out of the 50,000 thousand people who attended, there were hundreds of people heavily injured, and ten of them did not make it out alive. The bigContinue reading “Astroworld Tragedy”


The common anti-police message instilled in hip-hop music is justified and it does not go too far. The reason I believe the anti-police message is justified is because of the dramatic increase of killings of innocent black people at the hands of police which creates distrust when officers are not charged with criminal charges. ForContinue reading “Beware”

Our Identity

As a person of color, our race and culture is something we feel proud of as it is an important factor of our identity. Being around people who look like us and share a culture with us should feel comforting but when that same culture excludes you because of the way you talk or act,Continue reading “Our Identity”

Culture Vultures

Iggy azalea is appropriating black culture, and I think it is wrong to take advantage of a culture that she has never experienced. We should be concerned and bring awareness to the topic as it is important for others to know. White women appropriate black culture all the time by changing the way they speakContinue reading “Culture Vultures”

Harmful Lyrics in Rap

Rappers do have a social responsibility when it comes to writing harmful lyrics because they have to think about how their music affects communities of people. Rappers who have a big following, or rappers that have smaller followings all have a responsibility to make sure that their lyrics aren’t damaging. For example, a song titledContinue reading “Harmful Lyrics in Rap”

Connecting through Music

Two of the most creative rappers I know are Snowthaproduct and J Cole. Both these artists are creative because they write and produce their music while connecting it to personal experiences. Snowthaproduct is an independent artist who writes her lyrics directly relating them to her life as a queer woman. For example, her most recentContinue reading “Connecting through Music”

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